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Thursday, July 21, 2011

At my wits' end

You know this is my life. How should I say?

I'm tumbling upon my current status. It's reaching agony level at this moment. Got no choice. Down I go, falling, then floating, and falling again, I wait for the land of my life which as well taunts me. In the darkness, struggling to find a speckle behind the gauze, I see flashes of my old memories. I try to delete those unfavorable memories but it's not as easy as to delete files from a computer.

Since when do I know how to rebel? Since when do I realize that she's torturing me? Maybe she was born heartless. Maybe I was born to meet those strange human on earth. My heart, it is still pumping, even when it's broken to pieces. You can't bully me that way because even if I didn't fight back, doesn't mean I lose the battle. Silence doesn't comply with agreement. If you want me to obey your rules, you must at least have a respect upon my life. Are you one of those losers who always want their needs to be fulfilled but not thinking about what they should give in return? Now I completely know those fellas exist. Thank you for proving me right!

I know how terrible your heart is. I'm pretty sure that your life is a mess. You can't rule the world, neither can you make me a slave. You help no one, then no one will help you eventually. I believe that every single thing will be measured based on how well you can carry them. I will want my part to be judge as well. I'll be waiting~ so should you.

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