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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe Hyehwa

This Hello Kitty Cafe located at Hyehwa district. This place is near the guesthouse I stayed during the trip last year, which is Korea Central Backpackers. Because the cafe only open at 11am, we didn't managed to visit this cafe last year because the time frame doesn't allow us to do so, but we did went to Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae. It's slightly bigger than the one in Hyehwa but both provides ambient surroundings that makes one heart happy, or maybe it's just me. LOL

 If you go there, please do not expect your coffee to arrived like 5 minutes upon ordering. The barista usually takes more time than any barista in other cafes needed. You will understand why once your coffee have been served. The coffee art here is way too cute. Prepare to be happy?

 The menu and the pricing

 I ordered cafe latte as usual and if not mistaken, with caramel waffle? I guess so.
Isn't this cute? Oh I miss the coffee

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nmEsfie said...


Juzu Yang said...

Hi..are you living in korea?
we are planning to visit korea this november..

are you available to be a tour guide?

Hime said...

Hi Juzu Yang!
Unfortunately, only my heart and my mind live in Korea, but my body is not. I would always love to help if I can. Sponsor me if you don't mind? And I will be your tour guide for free :P Lol


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