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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nurungji Tea at JBSD Seohyun

Nurungji tea

This is how nurungji tea is made. My first time eating 'burnt rice' specifically, made as a dish

 1) A full table setting should look like this. I ordered seafood sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) that comes with a full table of banchan 반찬, that we consistently asked for refill. Er we actually didn't asked that much except that the ahjumma/imoo refill it as soon as she saw our empty banchan saucers. Believe it or not, banchan served is enough to make you full, even without the main course.

 2) Rice in hot stone pot (earthenware pot) and sundubu jjigae

 3) Scoop out the rice but leave some at the lowest part of the pot. They will give you an empty bowl to put the rice, so no worries.
 4) Pour the tea into the pot
 5) Cover the lid
6) After you have finished you meal, open the lid and stir the nurungji tea well. Koreans love to eat this, as we Malaysian will throw away this burnt part. For me, it taste 'normal'. And I don't really enjoy this kind of tea.LOL. If I have a chance, I want to eat rice snack (nurungji), the one in maangchi's video

The price for this complete meal is just 6,000 won per person. So cheap!

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Abe nick said...

namapak mcm sdp

Anonymous said...

where to find this shop?

dollykyucandy said... and my muslim friend will go Seoul in Nov 2014..May i ask where is this shop located?

Thank you in advance...

lavendergrapes said...

hi, care to share how to go to this shop? tq


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