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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I started to favor Tumblr

Salam & hi people..
I created a Tumblr account since July last year but haven’t have time to discover. Now i truly understand how it works and for me it’s much easier and much much comfortable for me to write there. Somehow i feel regret for not knowing the advantages earlier. You will only feel once you experience it. This is the link if you interested to stalk :p
In not in a good mood due to the war. Ouh i feel terribly sick. I love listening to HoMin’s comeback. In fact, i love all the songs in Keep Your Head Down, but some misunderstanding and controversial issues shown up. I just can’t stop feeling bad. But i have not changed the faith.. once a Cassie. forever will be


FarhanaDr said...

Tumblr tempat untuk luah isi hati dengan cara terpendek.. Heehee.. Short and simple.. Tapi penuh makna.. :)

Hime said...

owh..u r so right dear :)

Bay said...

Wow! Lovely blog you had here! Wish to connect with you! =) (

Hime said...

@Bay Thanks :)


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