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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going to Kpop Party tonight!

Annyeong! I'm full of energy today. As i opened my eyes, i started to smile like crazy. HAHA. I rarely wake up and smile because i hate waking up early. I usually wanted to sleep back but i couldn't. I'm a working girl okay. Eyza texted me at 7.30 informing that she had arrived at KL Sentral. Beast and the others are staying at Hilton Hotel, just opposite KL Sentral so she's going to stalk them all over. I suddenly feel so excited as she told me that the greet session went well and the winners of greet session got a free Kpop party t shirt and going on the same bus with the idols! omooo..spazzing! Isn't that great for me to send them back tomorrow in the same bus!!! Fainted fainted (((^^)
The jantung pisang supplier seems like understanding me. He couldn't find any jantung at the moment, so i'm hooray today and tomorrow HAHA. TQ vey2 kamsa ahjusshi! Nomu joahae :)
I cannot concentrate on the labworks today, that's why i dun want jantung pisang today. I'm afraid i'll just contaminate them all. So excited! :)
Are you guys going? I'm soooo beast :)

Update: My namja chingu got two free platinum pass to the concert. We originally bought the silver pass, but now i'm changing to platinum :P

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