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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The worst part of being a fangirl

Hello hello (with the tone of Hello SHINee)

I am glad to be part of this fandom world. Yes, being in this world making me realize that there is another way of living a happy life. Not that I didn’t satisfied with my current stat and started to live in my own imagination. But people said we have to move on, and figure out what is the best and if we cannot opt, there will at least be one thing that we can hold on to an extend that makes us alive..again.

Most fangirls love living in fandom world. If not, they won’t waste their time to spazz  and stalk their idols like 24 hours a day, thinking and only searching all about the idols. Don’t really know the reason why is this all happening, especially to me. It’s like a drug addict. You can’t stop once you get addicted. But this addiction haven’t yet cause any negative side effect except that this addiction is spreading all around the people who lives near me. I guess it’s not a bad idea.

There are so many grown up K-pop artistes every single day. I, honestly,  adore  Korean guys a lot! keke. Sorry Malaysian guys :P


leenmafia said...

addiction to me too

Hime said...

u r the drug dealer, don't u realized that? :p

leenmafia said...

haha I'm so sorry but i love it

Hime said...

it's not offended but always acceptable :)


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