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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dream a bit, act a lot

Hi and salam dear readers,

As usual, busy with labworks. I can’t manage myself to spend little time for blogging or even to log in to blogger. I should get a broadband, it will be a lot easier for my weekend online. I rely completely on wireless system in UM. It’s not that i am too stingy to buy a broadband, it’s just that it haven’t yet come to the priority. I spend most of my time at home only at night, after work. Coming back from the lab, i must’ve been totally fatigued. After dinner, i will watch K-drama, the only thing i will spend my time on no matter how tired am i. Weekend is the only day i wish i can be online. But i usually love to go shopping instead of being at home. Even if i can’t go shopping, i will definitely go for the window one.

So, when is the time i will really be online? Probably at the lab. When i have less work to do. But recently i have a lot..poor me. I can just log on to Facebook and check on my Twitter for less than 30 minutes.

Eh, back to the topic. Why i put this as a topic? Simply because i feel so!

Today, i cultured 20 banana male buds which is quite impressive (HAHA!) Most of the quotes i admire said that self reflection is a very good motivation. So, rather than waiting for other people to acknowledge you, acknowledge yourself. Rather than waiting for other people to appreciate you, appreciate yourself.

Have you dream of something that you wanted to become reality? I guess so. Me? I sleep normally between six to seven hours daily. Most of the time, i will dream of something i won’t possibly achieve. Something near impossible. But i haven’t give a damn at all. There is still some little dream i can make true.

I’ve been dreaming not just when i sleep, but also when i was awake. Ouh..a girl full of dreams, it’s me :)

Dreams are just like goals to be aimed at. It’s not just an illusion. We can make our dreams come true because not all dreams are impossible to suit our reality. We never know what lies ahead. So, try hard :)

It’s not to late to say “Happy New Year” to all :)

1 comment:

♥Ismi Huda♥ said...

Hai Fina.. long time no c u on d blog.. huhu.. jelez dgn kamoo yg busy doing ur job.. huhu


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