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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Around Seoul -Sightseeing (Namsan Tower)

Namsan Tower or also known as N-Seoul Tower is a very famous tourist spot in Seoul. It can be an incomplete tour if you went to Korea without going there. Namsan Tower is the tallest building in Korea. Namsan Tower is becoming popular after it was featured in dramas and variety show. For me myself, I got to know about Namsan Tower in ‘Boys Over Flower’ and ‘We Got Married featuring 2PM Nickhun and f(x) Victoria’.

This tower is famous for its ‘Love Padlock’. Young couples always come here to ‘lock’ their love by hanging the padlock and throw away the key as a symbolic to eternal love. The concept is pretty much like a fairy tale love story. But despite everything, there are still loves that fade, fade by time or on certain circumstances. I find that this ‘Love Padlock’ is very youth-friendly (although I even find a newlywed middle age couple coming here to hang their padlock) and it’s something you would be happy to do with your love one. 

Namsan Tower is located at Mount Namsan. To get there, you have the option of either to climb the hills (like we did on our first trip), by bus or by cable car. During my last year trip, we actually lost direction because we suppose to take a bus from Chungmuro St but we walked instead, because we thought that it might be only 1-2km distance from the station. Ended up we hiked the hill for approximately 8 km. I’m not even kidding! And it’s a bit sloppy up there if you didn't wear proper shoe.

There correct direction is to get off at Chungmuro St and take a bus to Namsan Tower. Asked around please, if you’re confused. The easiest for me (only figured it out during the second trip) is to get off at Myeongdong exit 4 and walk up the alley (use the alley that brings you to Namsan Guesthouse). Walk for about 300 meters above and you will be able to find the cable car station.

The cable car fare is 8,000 won for round trip. I recommend you to buy the one way trip and to get down the tower by walking. The scenery is so beautiful that will make you hesitate to leave the place. From up there you will see Seoul’s from the top and along the way to the tower, there are trees and paths that change color every season transitions. Please go there, please, pretty please^^.

I totally regret that I didn't get to taste the coffee here. I dun know what makes me wait like a dumb, without even have a sip of coffee here. Next time, I will definitely buy a cup of latte here. Oh by the way, Namsan Tower is a worth visit. Definitely one of my MUST-VISIT places!

More photos:

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