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Thursday, October 7, 2010

From the kitchen to the lab

Hi readers,

Being a desperate housewife for more than two months is not that bad. In fact, if my future husband can afford giving me a monthly allowance at least RM2000, I’ll just stay at home not working. Or maybe working at home, like opening a bakery /lol or maybe a coffee house :p. This statement is purely affected by watching Asian Food Channel everyday at home. I feel like i wanna be a chef :p

I got a call from my Sunbae yesterday confirming that i can started working as a Research Assistant whenever i can. I said to him i can start working next week. It’s like so soon, but if i didn’t start soon, I’ll have much time to reject the offer :p

Okay let’s talk about this new job. This is the first job ever. I have done no part time job previously in my life, never. Not even once. Working in the lab is not my wish at the very first place. I intended to leave the lab and enter a new world, a different world i have ever been, yes, like working in the kitchen bakery, or teaching perhaps :p

I’ll be working in the lab i used to be while doing my Final Year Project. And working under my former Sunbae whom responsible to help me a lot during my crucial times. He’s the one who asked me whether am i interested in the job. I’ll take this as a benchmark, a little step to thousand miles of life journey :)

Of course this is not a permanent one. It depends on the contract and how far can i stand :p. Hopefully i can bear with it and enjoy working. Shifting into a new world isn’t that easy for me. Each time i enter a new intersection of my life, i get stuck in the beginning. But after i passed the initial part, i can finished until the final line :)

Hey guys, why not you pray for me? So that i can went through all these smoothly :). Wish me luck dear all :) :) :)

TQ @fandomreality

p/s I’m gonna miss my time of being a desperate housewife :p


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