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Sunday, October 24, 2010

JYJ Showcase 2010 in Malaysia::Superb!!

Hoyeahhh…this is the best moment ever! I was waiting for them for quite a long time. Eventually i managed to see them, although without the duo. It was a lil bit messy for the management, they didn’t allow us to get in the stadium earlier, we have to wait like more than 4hours outside the stadium with 38 degree Celsius, you might have boiled an egg! Luckily i was tough enough to bear with the sun, i wasn’t collapsed. I saw few girls fainted in the middle of the crowd. So, this is how if you buy free seating or rock zone site. You’ll be pushed and may have fallen if you didn’t have enough strength to face with the crowd, don’t tell about the sweating, it sucks! JYJ_Malaysia

Went to SS2 on March, it was totally different. The sponsor is the same company, but the crowd are more tolerate, i mean ELFs are much more patient. I may be wrong too, because during the concert, i bought the numbered seat, so i didn’t have to fight for the best seat. I can even come late. No pushes, no bashes and no revolt in my heart lol. 


It’s a tiring day to stand up queuing under the hot dazzling sun. Until the time comes, nobody’s talking and everyone just look at them, mesmerized, a scenery where everyone looks like under a spell. I was bewitched. I feel like i was in a dream. They were standing right in front of my eyes! Yes, it was a reality, no dreaming. As they started to sing, i still can’t blinked i’m telling you. My eyelids didn’t move a bit. Owh yes, it’s Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun. yes they were!! Until that, i started to blink again :)



50 minutes was all the time they have with us. They all look superbly stunning. Junsu, he’s damn OMG nosebleed super duper cute, energetic dancing empty, his voice, even a butter in the fridge can melt :p. Jaejoong as expected, he look like a barbie doll :P. He’s really really handsome! The crowds keep chanting his name. While Yoochun, he’s really a Mickey i mean he can speak English well. So, he’s the most attractive member of the day. He interacted well with the MC and the audience as well. Looking back at the PC session, the mC told them to say “Saya Cinta Kamu”. Except Junsu with his cute and blurry face, Jaejoong and Mickey can utter them quite well. They even added ‘lah’ at the end of the Junsu said it well too, but i just smile looking at his face, he looks sincerely cute!


They performed six songs only, promoting their new album, The Beginning. They also sang “Chajatta”, Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. I really love this song. I can memorize the lyrics on the second time i listen to the song. The talk session last for few minutes only. I want to hear their voices longer. Even though they use translator, this makes the talk session longer, i think it’s better to listen to them in Korean rather than having a translator which takes long time. I don’t mind having them 100% in Korean since they were born with it and since we know them through that language as well.



Lighsticks, glowsticks, banner with lights, saranghaeyo projects with red ballons, they were all a success. Everyone dressed in red except for a little minority. It was a really red ocean. I love the scene. The spirit of Cassies, the love of them towards the boys. It’s not all about JYJ. Crowds keep chanting Dong Bang Shin Ki more than JYJ themselves. Yes, we all missed Dong Bang Shin Ki. Yoochun even said at the end of his word, always keep the faith. I believed there were teary eyes in front of me. They really love Dong Bang Shin Ki, as well as i do. Once a Cassie, forever will be. This addiction has no remedy, no treatment, i will bear this until the end of my life with smile :)


They will probably hold a concert in Malaysia next year during summer (it’s always summer in Malaysia anyway). Let’s wish that it will become truth, let’s pray for them to settle things smoothly, let’s pray for them to cheer us over again, for eternity. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH



+AnamuSafir+ said...

salam fina..
wah ramainye org..

jejong nampak lain cket..mybe kurus sket?? hehe..
mickey plak.. rmbut pnjg dah.. junsu still cute la. hee..

merah menyala stadium,

Hime said...

wassalam..mau pengsan ngn crowd tu awak..Jaejoong mmg kurus sket skrg..perasan awak eh.hehe. Yuchun dh lain skrg, dia ala2 Jang Geun Suk.hehe
JUNSU mmg la still cute :) :)
merah cassies :)

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

sumpah jeles dengan sesiapa yg dapat pergi tengok JYJ haritu. jelessss

Anonymous said...

salam....hai, terjumpa blog ni secara tak sengaja....tahniah sebab dpt tgk jyj....adus jelesnya, saya dpt tgk dlm laptop ja...once a cassie, forever a cassie, lets get oder together with them....

Faz하라 said...

cool~!!!!! ^^

Hime said...

keke..knp tak pegi?JJ sgt cool lah :)

Hime said...

xpe..awak ade peluang lg next year tgk konsert diorg :)

Hime said...

hey you from dbsknights :)


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