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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new beginning- My First Ever Job

Salam and hello dear :)

Life have been quite busy for me these days. It’s about me and the lab. It’s about getting thru all the things that were familiar with me and not so familiar with. The different thing is i am no longer was here because of the FYP, but as a Research Assistant. It happened so fast as i could even breath a long sigh. I got a rented house together with my former classmates, lucky me. I think my life have been surrounded by all those kind people who always help and support whenever i need them. Sometime life gets harder but i didn’t feel the tense because the period was too  short, i can’t even realize. 


Those good people around me inspire a lot of motivation. It keeps myself to its original state once i dropped down. Not only those people who moves around. Not only my family whom will always support me, people like my K-Pop Idols really help cheer my life. It’s more than just a mere entertainment, it’s my rhythmic soul, it’s my heartbeat song, beautiful and refreshing. cn12

I think i am weird. Because i never knew what is my interest except the fact that i am a Korean freak. Besides travelling, i wanted to eat various kind of foods and jumped over the hill without injuries. Apart from that, i didn’t know if there are anything else's i aimed for. But the best part of me is that i usually accept my destiny, i accept what comes to me without objection and try to live the way i was given. I usually take the choices i was given, i rarely alter and change. So far, i am contended. I am happy to live the way i was destined. As a result, they said I'm a lucky girl :)

Picture0015 I don't know what will happened the next chapter in my life. It’s hard to expect, and plus i seldom expect, just a glimpse of imagination sometimes. I wish for another glorious and precious moments, only if i am alive, still. Hoping for another bright sunshine :)

p/s Hey, it’s five more days to JYJ showcase. OMG i really have to calm myself down :p

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