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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sunbae-nim

Attention dear readers, do not read the underline words!

Saengil chuka haeyo Sunbae-nim :)

Yay, it’s sunbae’s old day. Stepping into another digits, perhaps he might have just realized that he is entering a new stage in life. I don’t know how old is sunbae. I think he might be 26 this year. Just an estimation lol :p

I wish him to graduate soon (as he wishes too). I can see that sunbae is struggling all  days and nights, doing everything he can to finish his PhD. He might have been so busy and less sleep. Sometimes i saw him sleeping on his table. Sometimes i can see his face look little worried, he looked like rushing into something probably working hard to complete everything. OMG, PhD is that stressed?

In terms of physical, he’s half of me. I mean, he looks skinny. Sometimes i get jealous because i wanted to lose weight :p. But i think he doesn’t have much time to eat like me. Eat like starving for a week lol. I wish sunbae can eat properly. At least, build some muscles like Junsu or Jaejoong..or Yoochun okay! haha

69024_447486988035_602608035_5548629_51713_nThe purpose of adding this picture is merely a motivation to sunbae :p. Make yourself look like them and sure you’ll get your PhD done in few days lol you’ll be chased over girls and perhaps me as well hahahaha.

I have nothing to give as for now. No lovely present, sorry. I have to keep some money until the day i get my payment, i will buy something for you as a present. Owh very poor now :(

As for now, i can only afford to buy maybe a box of 12’s Big Apples doughnuts or Krispy Kreme, or a lunch set of bibimbap, or a lunch set of ramyun or one piece of Secret Recipe’s cake. Poor me :(. But it’s hard to treat all those foods because i didn’t know if he’ll like them or not. And going to Midvalley with him alone is another thing. He’ll always busy and maybe don’t have time for all that. Forget all these. Buy anything else rather than foods. I have some suggestions in mind, but that needs quite an amount of money. OK. Again, forget this for a while.

This sounds more like my diary rather than a birthday wish. Back to the topic okay. Things that people always said to the person celebrating their birthday are wishes and sweet words. I am not good at this personally. In real world, i talk less and i look like an arrogant plus less environmental friendly. Indeed, i write and speak more to my heart. I don’t know why. I can be talkative sometimes, when i really have the point. Sometimes i rather be silence than talking pointless. OMG this is a diary as well!! Sorry

Can skip some if you hate to read, but do read until the last paragraph. Didn’t force but highly recommended lol :p. I swear this will be the second last paragraph. I won’t write so many unnecessary things in this entry because it’s sunbae’s birthday. Respect please (talking to myself).

I pray for sunbae to be fit and healthy each and everyday, so eat well and sleep well. Rest a bit, don’t rush over things when you cannot even take a deep breath (lecturing here). Hope you can get your work done in the ‘to-do-list’. Hope you can finish your PhD as you planned. Hope you will get everything you want in your ‘wishlist’. Hope you will be graduating soon and then people will start calling you ‘Dr Wansin’ lol :p Nice name. Can’t wait to hear people call you that :) :) :)

#Happy bithday Sunbae-nim………Lee Wan Sin!! Have a great one :)

p/s Lee Wan Sin is my UM senior. He is now pursuing his PhD studies . Working on banana and he is one of the best senior I’ve ever met in my entire life! He helps me a lot and sure he deserved to be mention here :) TQ

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