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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is an entry to Nuffnang..

If you are a blogger, you might know what Nuffnang is. It’s a well known company of blog advertising community. You can check them out if you haven’t heard about them. I didn’t know much about Nuffnang but i do serve ads from them. What i mean by didn’t know much about Nuffnang is i didn’t learn how to make attraction to my blog to maintain the traffic, adding unique visitors and play with the keywords. My blog is merely personal. I write about what i love, what i do and my addictions. If you have come to my blog earlier, you will notice that i rarely change my layout, my header is still the same for the last three months i guess. Some people said, my blog is weird and unattractive. Well yeah for a girl without temptations of girly things, it does not make people coming again for the second time lol.

As far as i remember, i started Nuffnanging since July or maybe August (so lazy to check out). And during the period, i have 1 buffered earnings. But i didn’t know what to do so i just let them be, like usual. I came across some blogs saying that once you get a buffered earning, you have to work hard on it. It’s like a bonus Nuffnang gives us. So, have to update more and make people come to our blog. I am not a regular updater since i started working. I cannot update one post a day because i am busy culturing banana. But if the banana male flower didn’t come to the lab for several days, I'll be like nothing to do in the lab and keeps downloading things.

A thought came to my mind. I haven’t have to do things that against my physical ability. I will only write if i am really wanted to write and when i am really full of imagination and facts in my mind. Writings come from a heart that flows in the mind. Heart first then mind. So, if i do the update just because i wanted the blog to be visited by unique people lol, it’s not from my heart. And i am pretty sure, the post will not be attractive, at all!

This is a piece of thought i have in mind. Why need to really obsessed with posting a lot of entries just to keep the unique people came in. Sounds like so, what if you write a lot? That’s not the case actually. The fact is, a lot of people use attractive keywords but a very pointless entry in the end. Hey people, let’s blog for real. Let us be honest in blogging.

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the buffered earnings. I’ll kept writing good ideas perhaps. I don’t really know what Nuffnang considered in giving buffered earnings to bloggers. I can’t tell because i rarely updates, i didn’t chase the unique visitors and so on. Maybe they have some sort of criteria for them to give priority, that is Nuffnang’s secret recipe. Some bloggers have their own tips of getting buffered earnings. I didn’t know if i ever tried, perhaps or maybe not :O

I wanted to show the printed screen of the buffered earnings i have. For a sec, i think my blog is prone to entertainment and all those Korean-Japanese things. So, the buffered earnings goes around that :p. Have a look. At least I’m not just nagging alone here.

cats  traffic

Hey what’s the point of this traffic view? :p Just wanted to say that, the only attraction of this blog is JYJ things, K-idols, and perhaps some of my friends viewing my site. Get to be real. I wanted to do things better, yes now and forever :)


i wanted to put this at the first place instead of the traffic view. lol. It’s all about JYJ things. JYJ should be proud of their Cassies :popo

p/s thanks also to Ben Ashaari :)


cKyN WaN said...

piwwit hantar surat centa kat nuffnang ke kekekeke

Hime said...

@cKyN WaN
lebih kurang la.hehe


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