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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

school or university?

I honestly love university the best. I went to kindergarten at the age of 4. I started schooling since i was 5 years old. I yet to remember of how am i doing during my primary school. I think i'm very good at co-curricular activities since i entered so many competitions and when it was secondary school, i went to study at a boarding school. I hate hostel the most. I cannot tolerate living with a fit schedule. I just wanted to do what i like at a particular time. I hate rushing. I hate boys in my school. We always quarreled and i cannot get myself even an inch of peace in my heart. I am a bad bad senpai when i was in form two and above. I didn't bullied anyone, but they think me and some of my collegues, bullied them. Of course we're not! We were just in quite a large group that the other students may think we dominate the school. We had entered the diciplinary board once, due to some cases, well..a lesson though. I had been called using the PA system (the whole school can hear my name being announced!) with the dicipline teacher for a reason that i may laugh thinking of now. The night before, i accompanied my friend (who are now throwing me away from her life), to buy a drink at the vendor machine. We cannot go out during prep class, but my friend insist and she asked me to went out for a while with her. Even though we're not in the same class, i followed her (i am a dump, am i?) We were caught by a warden on our way back to the class. At the same time, there were two boys using the public phone near the vendor machine. So we were caught handcuffed with two boys and two girls. Suspicious isn't it? I hate that two boys. What the hell were they doing at the canteen? Calling their girlfies or whatever. But i hate it when i was caught with them because that two morons had a very bad reputation. They had a bad record and were under observations. After the incidents, i can feel that a lot of students looked sarcastically at me. I hate the school ever since, but the teachers, they are good. I just dont like the way the school was, i hope i can just delete all the bad memories in school. I never like boys in my school since they were damn evil haha. I never wanted to meet even one of them. A grudge or what? Whatever.. But i have to admit that i have some friends that i owe much: Ruzzanna, Arni, Ida & Jazmina. I remember this four because they didn't forget me and didn't throw me away like a trash. A friend that had throwed me away, i did'nt care, and it's good not to remember me. I owe u nothing. And i didn't loose anything. I DIDN'T CARE!

I love my university the best. Since i entered the Foundation Studies, i started to find myself. The true self of myself. I started to find real friends. Friends that will not simply use u for their own sake. Friends that teach me of real friendship, real me and real world. I find a lot of people with kind heart, who wants to be friend with me because of a bond that we have. Not because of anything elses. I want to express more about my university, but i have to postponed it later. Till this time. i'm missing my besties. I'm missing them..who makes me................................MYSELF

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