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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To Overcome Headache

I am writing this topic mainly because i'm suffering a headache as well. There are two types of headache; (1) migrain headache and (2) sinus headache. It's hard to differentiate between migrain headache and sinus headache. I am suffering a sinus headache where i am restricted to eat any kind of seafood except for fresh fishes. If i disobey this law, i'll definately will be having a painful headache

Here i'll be talking more on sinus headache because i experienced it. I went to see the doctor to confirm what type of headache i'm suffering. He diagnosed, and after that he told me that i, no matter what, cannot eat any kind of seafood except fresh fishes, not even a canned sardine or dried anchovies.

  • So, if u are suffering a sinus headache, do not eat seafood.
  • Then, drink plenty of filtered water. Drink as much as u can because water helps to circulate our blood and prevent us from dehydration. Water will also help reduce the body pressure
  • Person who suffered migrain should get rid of light because u might have a light sensitivity. This way, ur eyes will be much more relax than never. Staring at computers for a long period will make ur headache even worse. 
  • Drink a cup of green tea. Yes, this may be helpful because green tea have the anti-oxidant agent that will eliminate the unwanted compound in our body.
  • Eat a proper diet. For sinus headache patient, u know what u can and what u cannot eat. Avoid taking foods with high salt content and eat more fruits and proteins. No seafood please.
  • Rest and rest and rest! This is like a must to everyone who are having headaches. Take a rest and don't pushed urself to work as the more u pressure urself, the worse ur headache will be.
Hope that u can get something useful from this..Take care :)
Credits to: eHow and Health and Wellness
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::sherry:: said...

ouh, never knew that sinus can leads to a headache ! Useful info ! =).

Miss Fina said...

yes..certain people got this depends on each individual how their body react to the sinus effect


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