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Monday, July 5, 2010

National Rice Conference

The NRC 2010 was held on 28-30 June 2010 at Swiss Garden Golf Resort & SPA, Damai Laut, Lumut, Perak. The National Rice Conference was last held on 2003. That was 7 years ago. I'm among the fourth MARDI trainee whom were just lucky to get a chance to participate in fact that the fees were so unaffordable for students. RM300 each trainee multiply by three. Then for one night, u have to pay RM220 for a sea facing room multiply by three (for three days). Just a calculation. We didnt pay for all. Our so kind hearted supervisor paid for that. The very first night, on our way to the dinner hall, someone stopped us and as for direction. She's going for a dinner as well, so she asked whether she can join us for dinner. We have a decent conversation and she think that we shouldn't be sent to the conference because our sv paid all the fees (like she's jealous). That woman is a RO (research officer, same position as our sv). The next day, during the breakfast, i saw her with her collegues. I went to the buffet table intending to look out for foods. I was standing just next to her, but she didn't even reply my smile. She might've been forgetting me or she's a forgetful woman or she was just pretending to not knowing me because i'm a trainee. RO & a trainee have a huge gap perhaps. We met a lot of ROs, especially woman, whom underestimate us and some who treat us kindly. The conference gave me a lot lot more information on rice. I did skipped some of the lectures (hehe) but afterall, the accomodation, the conference and the hotel are superb! I love the surrondings, the sea, the air and the landscape. They're just amazing! Fresh *^___^*
Went back from the conference, i just have two days left for my industrial training. It was a touchable moment. We had a photoshoot session with the labmates and the ahjumma and ahjusshi..I miss them so badly. We gave some present to each of the lab person including Mr Yu Chan. He looked so happy receiving the present..Thank you for everything, Mr Guok Hup Ping, ahjumma ros, ahjusshi zul & sobri ^^. We love ya

p/s pics upload later ;))

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