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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glasses vs Contact Lenses

Which one do u prefer? Wearing glasses that might make u look like a nerd, or wearing a risky contact lens?
I'm being specky since Form 3. It was all my fault i'm losing my eyes ability to look farther. Now, i have to accept the fact that i'm a person who can stick their eyes 24 hours in front of the TV or laptop rather than reading books! That's the reality. A specky is always related to 24 hours non stop books, but in my case, no. I'm a TV sticker lol. 

I started to wear contact lens when i was in my early 19. I was attracted to contact lenses because of its colour. I first wore a grey colour contact lenses and i was always being questioned: Where the hell did u get  ur eyes gray? Is it inherited from ur mum or dad? I answered: My eyes gene colour's had been mutated! A real genetic answer. LOL. I wore the contact lenses until i turned 21. I stop wearing contact lens because my eyes got irritated wearing them too long or while i was sitting in an air-conditioner room, my eyes felt tired and easily turned red. I changed the brand i used to wear, once i entered my first year degree and resulted in irritated eyes. My dad urged me to stop using contact lens and make a new cool glasses. I'm a good daughter and said nothing. I

Please set ur mind that i'm a particular person in handling with cleanliness. I'm indeed taking a lot of care in handling my lenses so do not judge my hygiene habit as a result of irritating eyes. I sterilized my hand first before touching my lenses. Maybe my destiny with contact lenses stopped there. I am thinking of wearing contact lenses during my wedding day, but that might be a long thinking journey ;)


FarhanaDr said...

Either glasses or contact lenses, both have pros and cons.. As long as you feel comfortable with it, then I guess there will no probs.. Heeee.. :)

Hime said...

I dont wanna wear both. I want my eyes back :(

GnieNaim said...

me wearing contact lens for 5 years till now...huuu...x seronok pakai dua2 dah rabun kena accept je la :D

Hime said...

GnieNaim: certainly xseronok.bygkan our glasses broken up and at the same time our contact lenses went missing. teribble isn't it

AiZ said...

i like to use eyeglass.. still tak berani masukkan contactlenses dalam mata.. takut nanti takleh cabut pula.. ^__^ haha

Hime said...

Aiz: hehe..better use glasses la klu xbrani..klu melekat trus ssh kan.hehe

Bell's said...

erm...i started my specky journey since i was 10, and changed to wear lens at 18...and i totally won't go out without my lens!

at the very first of wearing the lens, i get myself a permanent contact lens but eventually my eyes get irritated and inflammation due to the protein deposit (and i do pay a very attention to cleanliness too!)

so now i change to wear month;y contact lens, and it's still my priority choice after all :D

Hime said...

Bell: some people wont go out without their contact lens. that's what i'm afraid of..protein deposition. have u ever try a daily contact lens?we change the lens everyday. so i guess this is the very best choice for me if i ever wanted to wear the things one day :)


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