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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My brother was hospitalized

 Yat, my lil bro was the one standing on the right hand side

He complained about having a stomach ache once he returned from his hostel. My parents tought he was having diarrhea or food poisoning but he seemed to be far from the symptoms. Before Jumaat prayer, my dad brought him to the clinic and went back with gastric diagnosed. He kept saying it was painful. My mum didn't satisfy and she insist of bringing him to Metro Hospital. After Jumaat, my parents and my lil brother went to Metro Hospital. They came back with a surprising news. My dad said that my brother was diagnosed of having an appendics problem. He has to be operated as soon as possible. I felt sorry for him as i cannot do anything. My lil brother, once he came back from school after two weeks, he usually will use the notebook from dusk until dawn. Until he was told to eat then he'll do. He is a type of people who doesn't talk too much, he can be easily bullied especially by

I was sleeping a bit late last night. I was reading a novel under title, 'Genetics Peril'. It was a long time i didn't read any novels. Although i'm not a big fan of novels, but i sometimes read them. I was attracted to Cecelia Ahern's novels and i read her collections. I turned off the light once i felt so sleepy. I heard footsteps and sounds of people hurrying. I was half awake and just continue to sleep. When I woke up during Subuh prayer, my dad told me that my lil brother was hospitalized last night. So, the sound i heard was the sound of my parents hurrying to the hospital. I was shocked a bit, but i quickly told my sister and brother to get ready to the hospital. We went to the hospital quite early. No visitors are allowed to the ward until the visiting time which is during lunch time and after office hour till 7.30pm. But we sneaked into the ward and i saw him laying on the bed..looked pale on his face and looked so much weak. He was in a ward with 3 other patients suffering the same case.

I went out of the ward after 5 minutes visit. I called for my dad and my brother to came in. After my dad went in, the bed my brother was lying has been pushed out of the ward and straight away to the Operation Room. It was double shocked for me as i thought he was just entered the ward few hours ago..Thank God. It was all fast. More than three hour he was in the Operation Room. Went out of the room with a weak looking. I know, he hasn't eat anything since yesterday. They brought him back to the ward.

He cannot eat until the doctor says so. Now, he will be warded for at least three days or perhaps a week. My mum is there looking after him. Let's pray that he will recover soon...


nursarah said...

hope everything will be okay.

Hime said...

nursarah: hope so..thanks :)


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