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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Open Food System is killing me!

Exaggerated title. But no denial. A true fact. Very very true. The open food system that i have been using since mid 2007 had turned me into a giant girl! In fact, i gained 10 kilograms within 3 years, can u believe it? a lot of woman reducing their weight but me instead. When i was 17, i weighed 40. When i was 20, it was 45. Now, u calculate yourself. I started the Open Food System (a system which allows me to eat almost anything i wish to, even trying new foods, from Malaysian Cuisine till the end of the world's food). Food is world's heaven i tell u! People who stricly restrict themselves from eating delicious foods are wasting world's treasure. Omo..all of these heaven things resulted in a doubled me (i sized double myself when i was 17). I dun like being a double because i have to buy new outfits, new shoes and new everything. I have to reduce my habit from eating a lot of delicious foods to eat less delicious food. Why? Delicious foods always have high calories and fats which drives me a fatty. Aigooo.. start dieting.

i love these heavens;

No 1; Butter Pecan Ice Cream Baskin Robin
No 2: Mc Donalds Foods
No 3: Pizza Hut
No 4: Kenny Rogers Roaster

No 5: Bibimbap

No 6: Korean Ramyun
Enjoy eating as u can but beware of taking them too much :))
Food lovers *^________^*
Credits: all pictures are taken from Google search

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