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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can i have a student price forever?

I went to make a new glasses yesterday and i was happy because i was introduced to a student package glasses. Worth rm159 including frame and lenses. They didn't even asked if i'm a student or not. I asked my lil sister. Do i look like a 19 year old girl? Haha. Or maybe their glasses were not sold out, so they promote me that. I didn't know. But the one that i'm wearing previously cost plus a hundred ringgit of my new glasses. Not really a branded one, just an ordinary full frame glasses, and that was a student package as well but in a different. A very good point of being a student is that i can find myself having discount for certain things (but not for SuJu tix)

p/s In a mood of being myself again..I wrote for myself...over again


Linglung said...

kelebihan seorang student...byk benda dpt diskaun..tgk wayang pun kan?

Miss Fina said...

yup Mr Linglung.Tgk wayang kalau tunjuk student card dapat la less :) bestkan


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