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Thursday, August 26, 2010

If u dont love, just soon as possible

Annyeong! It's frustrating to hear that a 4 years love end just like it never happened. What is the big problem that cause an ultimate end for a beautiful love before? A couple which was envied by a lot of people. A boy whom endlessly trying so hard to get that girl's approval. I saw the moment they started dating, the moment that girl was happy receiving a teddy bear, flowers and the happiest present from him is the ring. I can see that the girl was so much in love with that guy but that guy seems to be not really into it. I know both the guy and the girl. Both are my friends since Foundation Studies. Now, they are breaking up. It's sad to hear that. But just think wisely. It's not easy to get somebody whom will love u unconditionally, but if things get worse, what else can we do. Be tolerate and if nothing can change, i'll pray the best for u two

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nur afzan`` said...

ya la kak..kesian..
her condition is similar like me..
but alhamdulillah..we r still ok until now..
but sometimes,it is quite a headache to have a relationship..
how bout u??i need ur opinion :)

Hime said...

Afzan, in relationship sometimes we feel headache, sometimes it'll be a very difficult happy feelings to tell.In her situation, i blame the guy (haha) because i know both two quite well. Guys usually don't put full heart in relationship, that's why a lot of them can handle break up compare to girls which are always vulnerable. But not all guys are like that (i mean not all are just flirting around). And that minority is very very hard to find but u must remember that good woman for good man, good man for good woman.Pray hard for that :)

hasni said...

sapa kah??
wonder to knw

Hime said...

hasni, perlukah dipublish?hehe
ko xleh agak ke sape?

Sharinginfoz said...

that's life, right

Segmen Kenali Blogger

Hime said...

life hurts sumtimes, but most of the time, we enjoy them


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