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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hope is a dream that does not sleep

It doesn't matter even if i'm lonely
Everytime I think of you, a smile spreads across my face
I don't mind even if i have a hard time, whenever you are happy
My heart overflows with love
Just like today, in the harsh world that i'm in
Even if it's not easy, i just close my eyes and only the image of you remains
The dream that is still ringing in my ears
Turns towars you from my side

Everyday my life is just like a dream
Being with you, falling in love with you
I'll stand up again
For me, the happiness of those precious memories
Will be warmer during a hard time
Hope is a dream that never sleeps

Be always at my side, beside me like my shadow
Silently you come towards me
Everyday, to see how hurt and lonely i am
You come to me with feelings of longing

I don't mind even though this world makes me cry
Because you're always here by my side
Will those memories turn into dust?
I just smile to comfort my heart

No matter how many times I stumble and fall
I'm still standing like before
I have only one heart
During hard times you become my strength
Forever my heart will only be for you

So i supress the hurt and grief in my heart
And only show you my smiling face
Now it does not hurt anymore

I'll always cheerish the dream that i want to fulfill with you
And try to call you even if the place is beyond my reach
I will love you with all my heart

Credits to: Kyuhyun my star, SM Entertainment, Youtube kikiirox


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