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Monday, August 30, 2010

Friendly blogger of the month

Today, i felt like going to reward someone. I dont have any like a reward banner or what, i'm really stuck at doing that. I just want to say thank you and keep writing. Hwaiting! This award is dedicated to:

  • Firstly thank you for being such a nice blogger. He is someone who will reply any question u asked him whether he knows the answer or not.
  • A very kind young man. I asked him to design a watermark for me and he did that without demanding anything and is done absolutely fast. (actually i'm just kidding asking him that, but now look, the watermark has become my header)
  • I love his site. He always change the look of his blog, maybe because he wanted to cheer up the visitors, so that they wont feel bored looking at it.
  • He puts shoutbox mix on his blog and i believe he replied to each and everyone who dropped by (some bloggers dont even put shoutbox because they are so called probloggers and dont need them)
  • Very polite. You will notice them if u read his entries
  • Wan Hazel, u worth being my blogger friend :)


Wan_hazel said...

wah...terharu nye wan....tengs sesangat...1st time lah dapat camnie...wat entri lagi pasal wan..tengs tak caye...tengs sesangat,,,

Miss Fina said...

hehe..byknya tengs
anyway u worth it..
i appreciate sumone whom appreciate me :)

FarhanaDr said...

Heee.. Blog wan mmg cantik.. Tak kenal sangat tapi kenal jugak laa.. Heehee.. Gud2.. Appreciate orang yg appreciate kita.. :)

Hime said...

@Farhana, actually xreti wat banner2 bagai..just tulis je.hehe


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