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Sunday, August 22, 2010

No other

There's no other person like you, even if i look around, it's still you

Where am i going to find a person as good as you?

A heart as good as yours

I'm so glad, that the person who will protect me is you

Can you find another girl as happy as i am?

Someone that smiles as bright as me, the happiest girl


When my warm hands get cold

When my strong heart receives piercing wounds

You'll hold me, embrace me, silently

Even it's just a small comfort

I know that your heart always wanted to give me more


My heart screams happily, my soul has awake

I always love with this sole heart from the beginning

There are many more days than the time we've walked together


When my poor heart dazzling changes bit by bit

When my heart's contents grow, and my greeds don't flow anymore

I understand all the reasons clearly

That you've been here, that's just it

I'm always thankful, will i ever be as good as you?


I'm a little, just a little shy, but you don't know inside of me

Understand my heart, it's warmer than the sun

The boys that appeared on TV shows shine on the stage

But you're always dazzling (naega michyo michyo Baby)

When you say i love you, the world is mine

You and I, you're so fine, is there anyone like you?

I love you, you're the only one for me

Please know that you're everything for this fool

We've walked the same path, we're resembling each other

Just amazement, just gratefulness, just love

Just no other



p/s This is dedicated to my namja chingu. A translation of 'No Other' by Super Junior. I editted the lyrics to suit me. But truly, this is what my heart says. SuJu just understand what am i going to tell my namja chingu. Kamsamida oppa

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