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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A must watch Korean Drama!

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian. It's our 53th Independence Day

K-drama (Korean Drama) u should never missed to watch:
  • MUST WATCH!!! King of Baking Kim Takgu

Why u have to watch?

Lee Minho in Personal Taste

# I'm bad at description. But i can assure that this is the best drama after Cinderella Unnie. KBS world has been broadcasting best drama this year, starting with Iris and Cinderella Unnie which drives me like crazy to adore those two very much. Yoon Si Yoon or Kim Takgu is the main reason why u have to watch. He is pure and sincere, he makes people laugh and cry. OMG i'm really fallin love with this guy. Perhaps he's not handsome as Lee Minho as an actor but he is super duper cute! I put him the same level as Choi Minho. They both will make ur eyes stuck on the screen (not to blink a bit lol)
# Besides the look, u will feel mouthwatering (danger during fasting at night only!). Yoon Si Yoon and all the other actors working at the bakery, they baked their own bread. Indeed, it's not baked by anyone else, but they did that themselves! (watch behind the scene). Super talented actors & actresses
# Yes, i'm really bad at description or synopsis. U have to watch urself to prove if i'm right..keke
Where to watch?
# If u have KBS world channel at home, u just have to watch the drama every Wednesday and Thursday around 9pm (Malaysia, HK) until 10pm. Repeated on Sunday around 11.15 till 1.30
# Watch online at Dramacrazy.This is a legal streaming site. And what i like the most about Dramacrazy is that they will stream the drama damn fast. Faster than Mysoju. 
But first, u have to install the vikii plugin to watch

Where to download?
# For some people, they just can't made it to watch at that particular time, or having a slow internet connection to watch online. No worries, u can just download them via
Silent regards. The site provided u with the latest updated episodes. But u have to register first to be able to download, but believe me, it takes just a few second. U will download them using Megaupload
# If u don't like to download using Megaupload (i know that since Megaupload gives u headache with its limitation), click here to download using Mediafire. After u have completed to download all parts, u have to join them with HJsplit (i'm sure all of u know this)
# Download using torrent. I have using torrent to download some of my drama collection. Just because it's easier but it highly depends on your internet connection. I cannot give direct download link since i didn't make store them as a list. Anyway, u can go to d-addicts and search them by date. It's worth taking up some efforts

I have my own list of download. It will be easier for me to look at missing episodes and subs. I haven't yet get chances to watch Nae Yeojachinguenun Gumiho (My Girlfriend is A Nine-tail Fox) and I will definately watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal because owh yeah i'm a Cassie. Yoochun is the actor. If u too are Cassie, u'd be glad to watch these trio singing the OST. I miss them badly :(

Today's post is mainly on K-drama. I have been asked by some of my friends what K-drama to watch at this time. Firstly i told them that they should focus more on praying hard as we have entered the third phase of Ramadhan. It's a waste to not working hard on it. But anyway, i managed to suggest some of K-drama that I've watch just around 5 month ago until now. This is the best i've watch so far (even though it's still airing)

Yoon Si Yoon's pic: Credits to google
Lee Minho's pic: My own collection. Take out with full credits



Hime said...

suddenly realized that this entry is quite

FarhanaDr said...

Adik dan mak saye pon dok gila cite ni skarang.. Haha.. Tapi sebab cite ni panjang sangat laa.. 30 episod, tu rase mcm penat jek donlod.. Ahaks.. Currently sdang download cinderella unnie.. Heeee.. :)

Miss Fina said...

tak pjg la 30.kira okay la tu.baru puas tgk.hehe..cinderella unnie??wah must watch tu.first tgk sbb moon geun young and 2nd hero Taecyeon. sorry tak minat first hero.hehe

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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