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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comments on Genetics Peril

As a genetic student, it is always fun and exciting for me to learn something new regarding genetic diseases, heredity, pedigree things and everything that does related to chromosome, DNA, protein and u-name-it-what. Believe me or not, i am a fond of genetics article, magazines and anything that writes on genetics. But the fact that u have to really know (and pls laugh at is that i got B+ for my Human Genetics which is terrible. I clearly remember that i can answer the question well, but maybe i have not done it well. I thought that i can score very well on my favorite subject. But no way! You have to read much much more! OMG..pls turn back time.

Back to the topic; Genetics Peril is an English version of a Malay novel called 'Zuriat' which based on a true story by Dr Zabidi Hussin and was narrated by Norzailina Nordin. I bought this novel a year ago and just recently i found this book in my certificates box (i never tought i keep it there). I started to read the moment i went to the hospital, waiting for my brother's operation. The first few pages will make u want to know more. It's such an addiction to me. This true story is based on a family whom their children were all having a genetic disease called MLD (MLD is short for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy)

MLD?what the hell was that? It was told that Meta means change, chromatic means color, leuko means white matter, dystrophy means degeneration. MLD's name therefore comes from degeneration in the white matter of the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) which has a color on staining that should not be there ( This so called MLD is a genetic disease, inherited either by both parents carrying the disease gene but not affected or just mum or dad  having the gene. Yes, u may have to know that genetic disease is not always what on the pedigree analysis look like. It's always have no other fixed kind of genetic inheritance. It can always confused u if u're trying to match them up with  type  of inheritance u learned before.

In Pn Kamariah and En Mohamad  case, all their children (5 little cutie child) were affected with the disease. The first one to die is their eldest daughter, followed by Andi whom after transplantation of the bone marrow died. Not because of the rejection of donor bone marrow, but because of the infection in his lungs and he cannot endure the pain, the immune system of his body becomes weaker to the fact that doing a bone marrow transplantation, u have to slow down the rate of ur immune system for the new bone marrow to be accepted to your body. And being such a young kid with lack of immunity, he has no enough protection against germ, bacteria, viruses and so on. To my surprise, the younger sister survive in the transplantation.

All of their children showed symptoms when they grown up to 8 years old. Once before that, they were so much active in their life, they enjoy every moment of their childhood. But then, as time grows, they become deteriorated. The second child, Amree died after Andi. Affizal died on 2002 after quite some time being bedridden. Marhaini's the only one left, relying on expensive medications and surviving her lives to fight this malady.

This is just a few words of what the story all about. The family is from Kelantan and the father had to quit his job in order to take care of his special children. Once u read this, it will touch ur heart of how real love of mum and dad shown in this story. Remeber, this is not a fiction. This is a really realistic story that had happend more than a decade ago. For those who love genetics, make sure u read this novel once.. Two thumbs up :)

picture credits to karangkraf:


Anonymous said...

actually, i juz read this book... the malay one... so sad... i'm not even know how that MLD can be inherited to all of their sons and daughters... so sad... i broke into tears while reading the story...

Hime said...

that's genetic.sumtimes u'll find that all the laws are not useful at all.God is the most powerful as He can do anything he want

Anonymous said...

yes, actually i cried each time their child die. they're so strong to be tested that way...

Anonymous said...

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