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Sunday, September 19, 2010



No matter how brutal reality may be, we will not run from it.

Habits are frightening. When something becomes a habit, you take it for granted, and then there comes arrogance and prejudice. Once you grow used to seeing celebrities flashing their dazzling smiles at the camera, you'll scorn at any display of annoyance or irritation; once you grow used to seeing these people as your role models, you'll refuse to accept any inapt behavior. Once you've grown used to all of these things, reality becomes difficult to bear.

Scandal is scandal, it has no relation to truth whatsoever.

The one thing you cannot control in this world is the voice of the public. It may not be the voice of authority or the true voice of the majority. It is nothing more than a voice who claims to represent the majority.

Scandals are scandalous because we make them that way.

We see what we want to see and say what we want to say. The only place in this world where the 'truth' hold holds value is in the courts of justice. This is the kind of world we live in, 'truth' is a tool we use to achieve the things we want, and we'll toss it aside as soon as we're done.

It's true that what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

It would be a shame if anticipation became demand. You look up to and idolize those boys because they're everything you're not. You want them to be perfect, and that is exactly what they become to you. You want to be proud of them so that you can take pride in being a fan. You feel like their pride is no different from yours, and so you want them to do their very best in everything. And because you want them to do their very best, doing their best becomes an obligation that you demand them to fulfill.

Eventually being a 'fan' distorts into something else altogether.

It's the same as how the elderly take it for granted that people should offer their seats to them. It's an obligation, not a virtue.

When you play with children, it is your responsibility to feign defeat or to deal with their crying. It seems as though accepting defeat is not a trait of our nature. The root of this resentment is our tendency to compare. Everybody likes to compare. Comparison isn't such a bad thing, it's a means of putting your strengths and weaknesses into perspective. But when comparing morphs into competition, you'll be met with your destruction.

People who are unwilling to reveal their weaknesses and vulnerability seldom receive any sympathy. Just because someone doesn't wallow in self-pity doesn't mean that they're any more fortunate or any less deserving of sympathy. If you see someone fall or faint in the middle of a road, you'll walk over and help them up. But how about the people who pretend to have it easy? How about the people who silently overcome obstacle after obstacle, all the way until the end? How about the people who refuse to collapse until after they've completed their duty and have moved out of sight?

It all looks so easy when you're not the one living it.

We support because we approve and we approve because of the expectations we had to start with. People who work to satisfy expectations naturally receive support. Purity, cuteness and sexiness, these are things that we like and approve of. But what about them? The pressure of a comeback leave them with no choice.

When they don't approve of something, they'll just tell you 'I don't know' because that's really all there is to say. Nothing less, nothing more. If people demand an apology, well then that's what they'll get.

Sometimes simple gestures speak louder than the songs that they stay up at night to work on. But does that mean that they should give up writing songs and be satisfied with winning people over through mere fan service?

If they fall over and tell us they're okay, we'll forget about it and move on. If they're struggling to get to sleep but choose to stay up and compose anyway, we'll think nothing of it and move on. If they tell us they're okay, then there's no longer a need to fight and defend them. People move on.

This is the kind of world we live in: children who cry get the attention they want.

Do they really have to have a motive behind everything they do? When rumours of them being violent to their fans circulate, when they wear a few layers less of clothing, people jump to the conclusion that they do it to boost their popularity. Does it always have to come to that?

What is Dong Bang Shin Ki?
The love of our lives, the money making tool of large corporations, the dirt in the eyes of antis… But to our boys, they are nothing more than artistes It doesn't matter what other people think because they are living their dream The Dong Bang Shin Ki we see on stage is who they really are They're not smiling to please anyone, they are genuinely happy.

There's no way we'll ever live the same glamorous lives, and there's no way we'll ever understand the hardships they've endured. They are the stars in the sky, so far beyond our reach, and we're nothing more than fans who look up to them. But this is the path they chose and they'll keeping pushing forward through the storm So many things are beyond our control, but the one thing we can do is to stand by their side and to always keep the faith.

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