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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Windows Live Journal: Experience A Convenient Way To Write Your Blog

I am a big fan of hurulaini. I always do my KD list checkup referring to her site. I  first came across the application ‘Windows Live Journal’ from her site saying that it is a friendly application and suggest to the readers. Then, I tried! It is a way better than writing in the ordinary post entry. You can write directly on your blog, you can see how your writing will appear on the blog, without having to click the preview which is quit annoying to me. Plus, it will take you just a second to insert photos, you can directly edit the photo right on the post, not like before where i have to edit the photo first then upload it. It really hits my patient. And well, if you have more than a blog, i highly recommend you to use this application because you don’t have to open tabs to manage your blogs. It is very much applicable to me. You have to experience by yourself to agree with me. I love to explore and try out new things, it really makes my life easier sometimes. Nope, most of the times. You guys should try out this :)

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