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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why girls being dumped by guys?


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I have no experience of being dumped by any man, at least not yet. Being dumped by someone you love is nobody’s wish. I’m pretty sure of that. I have friends even if they were just small in numbers, but once i considered them as friends, they are not just an empty shell, to me, they are my experience, my treasure i will always proud of. What happened to my friends as if i know, will certainly be my major concern as well.

Back to the topic, girls being dumped by guys. Okay let me explain this first. I’m no way of defending girls here, not to be gender bias. But as i started venturing myself into this blogging network, i came to notice that girls expressed their feelings more than guys did. Every little details will be jolted down on their page, joy and happiness, sad and miserable, everything related to feelings will be on the page (without filtrations). I know that when they did all of the above, they will feel at ease.

The worst thing is living without privacy.People know what you do, where you go, where you live, who’s your opponent, who’s your love, what you wear, where you live, you allow people stalking your life and you have nothing to keep for yourself. I don’t deny that sometimes i did that as well, like expressing my happiness and my joy, but i didn’t include details, so there are still some hidden mystery behind.

Sometimes i like to read love stories, but i hate to read the details of how sweet the moment the boy touch the girl’s hand, the moment the boy confessed his feelings to the girls, every words and sentences, the moment the boy gives her a surprise present and so many things I’m sure you know better. If i read the blog one time, i will say that this girl is pathetic. Sorry to be honest.

I can tolerate if the owner wrote some entries of her/his personal affair with their mate, but please not the entire blog plays around the two. Like no other life surround you. Hey, why do i care?

When it comes to a heartbreaking moment, this is the worst thing i never wanted to read. I have a great empathy,  i told myself not to worry much about people’s matter. I feel sorry if it comes to people’s sad love story, but sometimes i blame the one who published their love story too much. By knowing every details about yourself, some rivals may have taken this opportunity to mark you down.

Losing someone you love leaves your heart an empty hole, often heavy weight, without warning will explode into lacerating pain. This torment makes you long for a moment when your life was happier and easier. You tend to hope that your ex will return, sometimes even after a few years of single-living.

Girls tend to have high expectations from their mates, so once they got dumped, it will be hard for them to recover. Being obsessed with their mates, too much dependent on their mates, loving too much without boundaries (especially couples) and restricting their lives to look only at that man. Sounds exaggerating isn’t it? But this is for real. A reality that exposed the weaknesses of a girl.

Being weak is another factor why girls always have a broken heart which is hard to mend. Heart can be broken and mend, but if your heart once turn debris, how on earth will it turns normal?

OMG, i didn’t realize that this is the longest entry i have ever wrote. I talked too much here. I will write soon. Maybe from different perspective. Thank you if you are reading this :)

p/s I have not checked the spelling, forget about grammar, I’m stuck at this

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ken said...

what about why guys being dumped by girls? =)

Hime said...

guys being dumped by girl?
why not u write about it? :p


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