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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My love is my pleasure of life

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Love is beautiful, love is sweet, love is life, love is breath, love is wonderful, love is amazing, love is nice, love is food, love is drinks, love is heaven, love is soul, love makes a life.

Love is really a love when two hearts feels the same, when the two person sacrifice for each other, when the two person cannot live well without each other, when the two person doesn’t have to utter a word of love, their heart communicates more than their lips do.

True love never fades, true loves never break, true love never hates, true love never expect much, but they give more. True love never demands and conquered, but they are tolerate.

Love cannot be hold tight as it will be like water, spilling out of hand, you have to handle with care. Love should not go out of rules and regulation, love has it’s limit, love in unconditional, love never hope but love gives more than it takes.

To be loved is by loving, just like to be hated is by hating. Love till the end, heart remains~~



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