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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kenwooi, kamsamida :)

Hi readers,
Kenwooi commented on my entry :)
Yes, as stated above, Kenwooi commented on my entry. Sounds like hey do we all care? But i do :p anyway. This humble blog never expects comments on any post as i wrote for myself but if there is any, it’s just like, ‘wow’ i got comment! :p
I know a lot of bloggers received bunch of comments once they published their entry. In my case, i haven’t got that much and i didn’t care a lot about it..Chill~~
I have been a fan of Kenwooi since quite a long time. I can tell you it’s simply my type of blog i admire. If you’ve been following his blog, you will like the way he compile things to make a story. Very creative indeed :)
Thanks Kenwooi, for your warm visit :)
p/s Thanks also to Sharinginfoz, for not only visiting but also leave comment on some entries :)
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ken said...

wow just saw my name!
so are you gonna blog about why guys being dumped by girls? haha..

anyway, thanks to you as well..
glad you like reading my blog.. appreciate that! =)

Sharinginfoz said...

small matter, i like to visit and read and of course leave comment, need to have interaction with the owner

Hime said...

u should write about that're a guy anyway :p
welcome welcome

thank you :)

Wanzie said...

minum air sambil berlari...
air tumpah di atas serban...
kenapa wanzi menyepi diri...
sebab shoutmix dah kena ban...

Hime said...

knp shoutmix awak kn banned?


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