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Monday, September 13, 2010

I was born exactly on this date 23 years ago :)

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

When i was a little girl, i never wish myself a happy birthday as i thought that people should remember our birthday instead of ourselves. As i grew older, i realized that the one who should remember her birth date is the person herself. It doesn't matter if people didn't remember our birthday, we should remember more than people do. Birthday reminds us of how old are we, how long is our life journey, it sometimes tell u how mature u are (but it depends also), it tells u how much u should thank other people around u, for the love they have showered, for the care they have shown. i am so much thankful.

I want to thank Allah, at the first place for giving me 23 years old life until now, thank you for the givings and thank you for everything u have given me in the past and for the future as well.

I want to thank my mum, for the loves, for giving me birth and for not throwing me away like mum nowadays did (so grateful), for breastfeeding me, for feeding me with proper foods, for changing my diapers when i was baby, for doing any single thing that have made me a person until today. If not because of u, i will never be me, i will never be what i am right now. For every second of u being my mum, it's worth more than a world to me. Thank you very much omma.
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I also want to thank my dad, for the loves, for teaching me words and alphabet, teaching me how to spell and read, teaching me al-Quran, for every cents u gave me, for every rides u took me, for every words that encourage me, for every step u took to help me, for every request that u fulfilled, for every second of u being my dad, it's worth more than a world to me. Thank you appa.
Thank You Myspace Comments

For the next thanks, can i just state the names here? So lazy to write the description here. I replied to each and everyone that wishes and praying for me. Thank you everyone :)
My thanks goes to my siblings, Intan and Nani. These girls always have their chat with me, gossiping and helping me in handling the cleanliness of the kitchen, room, hallways and taking good care of those kitties :). My works wouldn't be any lighter if u guys didn't help me out. Kamsamidha. (hey i wrote the description actually!)
Thank You Myspace Comments

Thanks also to my BFF, Nurul Akma Osman. You're not the first person to wish me but who cares about numbers right? Thank you Akma, for giving me precious memories for the last five years. Indeed, i never have find any other person to be my BFF except you. Xie xie ne Thank You Myspace Comments

To Kimi, Meme and Yat who haven't even wish a single word, hey guys i know u remembered my birthday but u guys are damn berlagak taknak wish (like i care haha). But when it comes to my cakes, u make sweet face, cet!

To Mr Elyas, u're not the least, dun worry. Thanks a lot for everything :) Cheongmal bogoshipunde (tsk tsk T___T) Thanks for the handbag. It suits me very much, a good picker u are :) We'll meet again soon okay.

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It's my celebration time. With a Chocolate Indulgence cake. Will be updating soon and maybe put some pictures :)
Thank you all :) kamsamidha

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