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Monday, September 6, 2010

My resume (written on the spot)

  • I am UM freshgraduate, graduated with honor in Bachelor of Applied Science & Islamic Studies majoring in Genetics & Molecular Biology. 
  • Well exposed to lab works especially molecular works. My final year project was a great achievement for me. I was handling works on identifying microRNA genes which is abiotic stress-related in banana (Musa acuminata & Musa balbisiana). 
  • I prefer working in the lab because i was born loving lab (liar!) I always in control even if pressure hits me (the time when Wan Sin, my senior scold me for not being able to handle pipet for the second time he taught me, i didn't cry like a hell instead i go out and watch Korean drama at the pantry which makes me jiggled like a monkey). 
  • I can control my emotion, not to mix work with personal particulars except for the moment when all the final year student struggled hard for their thesis and four assignment at a time plus two test coming, i can still happily went to Super Show 3 without any guilty or worry but indeed, i scored in my test (lol) and i completed my assignment earlier than those who did not went there. Owh well, i got A for my thesis. That's far more than enough right?
  • If talking about my work experience, i honestly said no, i never do a part time job because during semester break, i was assigned by my parents to be a tutor to my sister and brother who were in Standard 5 and Form 3. I think it's harder to teach your own siblings rather than to teach other people's children. I always wanted to scold my sister who cannot answer simple Math things when the question twist a bit, but i envy her when it comes to linguistic which gives me headache. She's good in writing but i'm sucks at this. And the critical part is when this little sis asked, "Unnie, do u know what condom is?"
  •  I asked her back "Who told u about that thing?""Owh, i read somewhere. Nah, this book". I looked at the book. It's a Malay novel. Just a typical Malay novel by Alaf Baru (cannot state the title here) . I dunno what to answer.She's just 10 (not exactly), i just want her to figure out herself."Mama didn't tell me that either. I wait until 18 to know what that thing is"."Alah, can't u just tell?Is that really offensive?""Yes, u just have to wait, okay?" And stop reading that book.
Eh, is this really a resume should look like? Haha. I went far beyond the topics.

I just wanted a job right now. Not exactly must it be in a lab. I wish something that can gives me money (haha..desprado) Anyway, it's worth giving it a try.keke

p/s I desperately wanted money not because i wanted to get married. I wish to attend all K-pop fanmeetings and concerts held in Malaysia. That is my major wish and dream that never sleeps :))



perfect said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Hime said...

Is this called a knowledge?hehe


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