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Monday, September 20, 2010

Will suicide solved problems?

I don’t understand why people commit suicide? Is this really just because you can’t solved your problem wisely? Is this really because pressure hits you as you cannot hold it any longer? Is this a fate that you wanted? Killing yourself? OMG i really can’t understand. We are human, born with difficulties in life, not just happiness. We were all given heart, soul and also brain to think, a faith to believe and a strong will to move on. You die, and you think you’ve settled—you’re totally wrong. You’ll be facing another no-where-to-go problems. Remember, we’re not living in the world only but the world we are living now will determine our lives in the future. Ad duniya imtihan :)

I wish i will have a strong faith as time passed~~Ameen


Sharinginfoz said...

sometimes people act irrational

Hime said...

@sharinginfoz: people who lose their mind act irrational


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