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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Book Of Tomorrow

Hi readers!

Have you read ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ written by Cecelia Ahern? I’m no doubt a big fan of her writings. Since I first started to read “P.S I Love You'” in 2007, i just can’t stop reading all her books. The second book of her that i read was “Where Rainbows End”. This is the most captivating novel i have ever read, now being my all time favorite book. The first time i read the book, i can’t stop until i forced myself to bath and eat. I finished the book less than a day which is quite abnormal to me. I am slow at reading books because once i paused, it will take a long time for me to resume back.

The latest book of her that i read was '”Thanks For The Memories”. Like usual, the book never disappoint me. I love the way she create a story, beautiful, a little fiction but nice :) Thanks for the memories affected the way i think, pretty much :)

The Book of Tomorrow, i haven’t read it yet. I really wanted to have this as my collection. For me, i don’t have to read the synopsis, i won’t be disappointed (so confident :p) Give me some money to buy. I am indeed a very poor young lady T____T tsk tsk

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